Graduation for one person?

Commencement day is coming now. I just feel nothing until today when I woke up. I just feel so excited about it. Maybe because I feel the energy slower than anybody else.

People think that graduation is something really important in their lives. Some people just want to get rid of it and get out of school as soon as possible. But for me, I want to appreciate every moment in my school. It just so much fun to go to school, meet friends and meet professor every single day. It sounds corny but in the future every single one of us will miss it so much.

We will miss those days when we are busy with our lives,  we are hunger for passion, we run for something stupid, for promotion, for family and for so many reasons out there. Life just changes us so much. But why we can’t enjoy every moment for school right now, because this is the only time that we are the same, innocent a little bit, still scared a little bit. We just have one goal is passing or getting A for the class. Just enjoy that now…Close your eyes, take a deep breath and go to school with your friends, enjoy moment together.

I just really don’t want to graduate that much. Maybe I still want a deadline for me, I am not ready for independence yet. It gonna take a long time to feel like oh you want to grow up..You want to do something in your life. I love being me in this moment, I know someday I need to change, I know all of that day will come, but right now, don’t worry. You don’t know what to do with your live, that’s fine. Because me either, I don’t know how my life will come. But I keep believe, just believe and it will happen with everyone no matter what.

America International student morning

Morning America

During six months here in America. The most different thing that I experience everyday usually in the morning. Do you know why? This is because morning is so special for me, everyday when I wake up I have to be different, to become the better me

At first, on the first month in America, you will miss home so much, and when you wake up at the morning, you don’t know where I am, why everything is so strange to me. What I have to do to day. I have no friends here, I don’t know what I am gonna do to move on with all of those stuffs in mind. And then, I realize that tomorrow, I must not think like that again. I have to be positive. Don’t worry guys ( who want to study abroad) because 5 months or even 4 months after that you will become familiar with this place so much. You will be busy to have no idea why I have to be sad about those things.

Right now, for a six months international student like me, I feel so good this morning, I am not afraid of it anymore. Just wake up, eat breakfast, listen to a couple of song and get into my Marketing task that I love it so much.

Hope you all have a good day. I will write more about my time here. This gonna be so much events to do for this semester. Whoohoo!!!!

Hey there! I messed up again

To my younger self. I know that you are no longer young and free anymore. That’s why I want to type this to say farewell, say goodbye to you. I know it has been 2 years since you are officially becoming an adult, you go to the world out there. I know it’s really hard since the first time when you came here, you have no one to trust in, all of the people that you live with they do not like you at all and you do not know what you gonna do with your life that time. And then you hope that people will have the same heart with you and people will sympathy for your misery but yeah it’s not like that anymore. It’s sad but true right?

I know you do not talk much now, I know you are more focused now, I know you more selfish now, I know how stronger you are now and obviously, you are not teary anymore. I know it’s hard but you have to go through it. I know it can get worse every moment, every second. The relationship, friendship, your health, everything can get worse but the only thing, at least, can stay with you is education. I mean I do not want to have education and then stay along forever but since the truth is you can’t trust anyone, you just have your fucking self. So you need to accept that truth and moving on. It’s fine, I know it’s a headache, it’s hard, I know everything you been through but trust me, you will be fine. You do not need to get attention from anyone, you do not need to try so hard. If you feel tired just go to sleep. But be sure to take care of yourself more. From tonight, go home and work on your belly because it’s way too big now. You have to handle it you know. And then you will be fine.

Love you, myself in 23 years old

How to overcome break up moment!

That sounds blame to talk about this topic..I just realized break up is a part of outlives. We meet, we feel in love and we break up one day for no special reason. That’s normal to say goodbye but the hurt still linger for such a long time, even for someone, it takes a lifetime to forget about that person.

When you are in love, you want to break up really fast, you run to the new one so fast too, but then you are not happy with that, you just ran away, you are just lonely and you feel weak..so weak i mean. Breaking up is not happy for both people, don’t think people say “goodbye” first is the one that happier than you. For the most part, when that person really how much you are important to them, that hurt is even more, even worse you know?

I don’t want to go around the bush anymore. Because I have been through that broken hearted time and now I feel happy with my life. So I will share with everyone who in the future need this tip or right now much needed.

So how to overcome break up moment? The answer is the more you try to forget that pain, that pain even hurt you more, so just learn to accept it. You can cry in vain, you can smoke, you can become an alcohol addict-or if you want because the more you want to live a healthy life in the breaking up moment, the more sad you will become so just find something even it’s bad to distract you from that pain.

It’s okay to follow your ex on the internet to see how he or she doing right now or even stalk Facebook or Instagram of your ex new boyfriend or girlfriend you that what you are curious about. Don’t feel bad about it.

Find a hobby to do, don’t just sit at home all the day long and look at all the pictures of you and your ex. Get out, do something meaningful to you, hang out with friends, sit at the coffee shop during the day and you can cry when you feel down at night but don’t stay at home all day. Never do that!

Try to think that life has much more beautiful things to think about, your family, your friends, your jobs and your hobbies that you love in the past because now you have time to chase your dreams.

Participate in a new group of people, it gonna an organization, a club who have the same interest with you. Have fun hang out with them, understand that there a lot of fish in the sea, so don’t worry you deserve better.

Always dress up!!! Remember girls, always dress up you know??? when you dress up, that means you love yourself enough, so other people will respect you as well. Always make yourself standout, don’t lose your confident, just dress up and get out, you will feel better than anyone else in this world. That’s the time you respect yourself so much.

Talk with your friends, your family about your problem, don’t try to handle this feeling alone 🙂 it’s okay, we are human and broken-hearted is really normal after breaking up. You can cry yourself but when you fell lonely, just pick up a call to people you trust like a friend, soulmate or even your mom and your dad. It gonna be better than no one gonna hear you and you have to overcome that feeling yourself.

That’s pretty much what I want to tell everyone from my own perspective. If you guys have any comment and want to share your own stories, feel free to leave me a comment right below. Just one more recommendation is that breaking up will be the time you realize who are important and who you need to treasure in your life. Don’t worry, that feeling not for long, it will pass when you ready for the new life and let them go. We are human and remember those time to help you become a strong person in the future.Good luck 🙂


Opportunities and Challenges

In your life, you will meet a lot of opportunities, lot of chance for you to expose yourself and claim that you can make your dream come true. It’s easy to have opportunities but it’s hard to know whether those chance take you to bad things or wonderful moment.

We are human right? We make mistake, we can’t expect that we will do the best every time, every where. That will make you and me feel stressed, pressure, boring and we are not ourselves anymore.

Just a moment of lack in awareness, moment when you are lazy, when you feel that you just live only one and enjoy it so much, those things happen and then you lose your opportunities. However, it’s just the fake reasons, the reasons why you miss those opportunities is because you don’t like it enough, you don’t appreciate it so much, you scare that you can’t do good as I thought about.

I just fail, again and again, I just try to not go back to my emotional thought and tonight, I am sitting here, type down my regret of losing opportunities, but maybe it’s the destiny for all of ours.

But don’t worry, I will do fine in the future, right now it seems to be hard, but as the time gone by, I will learn a lot for sure.

Aww I really love journalizing.


Recently, I heard a lot of people talking about Mediation and how to overcome your stress with this method. I am beginning to do research to see if I can really use it when bad things come to me.

A lot of website talking about definition and how to do good Meditation but for me, I really think that Meditation is when you feel the peaceful in your mind. A lot of people are busy with theirs working, school homework and paper and how to create good impression with your boss, your friends, your roommate.

It’s true that we always meet those bad things in your life but how you overcome it is really the big question for everyone. If you just complain a lot and don’t go out there find something new for you to do, you will stuck with that forever. Let’s think that you are so beautiful, you are powerful and you can do whatever you want with your horn shines like a star.

I think Meditation can help you a lot to relieve your everyday stress. Make you feel happier because it’s the time you find peaceful in yourself. You don’t have to care about what others people say, you just believe and give you a short of time to breath, think about the good things coming in your life.

You can do Meditation everywhere but I think at the beach will be a perfect choice. Just you and the sunshine will be awesome time to let those bad things out.

Before going to bed, I will try to do meditation as 15-20 minutes, sit down alone, drink a cup of water and then save sometimes to think about the good things you have been achieved, how lucky you are to live in this beautiful world, at this moment and you deserve the best of the best.

Let’s see what happen with Mediation. I will keep you up to date and please write a comment for me if you are a person who are also beginning with Meditation to find the peaceful in your mind.


When you grow up!

Sometimes, When you grow up and you can’t see the world as it used to be anymore…

It’s so amazing as I can grow up during my 20s and I live, I feel every moment of join, happiness, sadness, failure and success.

I used to depend so much on my family (actually right now I still have to depend on my mom’s financial), for everything I don’t have to worry about my future, my house or even my car in the future. I just feel passive so much during the time I live with my parents in Vietnam. My mom took care of me so much that I can’t my self make decision or do what I love or tell my dream.

The day I flight to America, I don’t expect to become so different me like this. I feel blessed so much to go here, see the new world, meet new people and the most fabulous thing is experience the NEW ME. Since the day I went here, I step out of my comfort zone and meet lots of obstacles during my time here. Even though it’s hard at first, but I began to love my self much better. I laugh, I smile even though life is tough. I keep moving on with my head always high to the sky lol.

When you grow up, you began to be selfish. It’s not that you was born with that, it’s just life changes, shit happens and the only way to survive is to love yourself first, don’t care what people say, keep chasing your dream, know what you do and be brave with your decision so much.

I love the way I grow up right now in everything. I met new friends, I have bad friends and good friends though, they gave me memories, lessons in my life and I treasure everything that I have been through.

They say that just keep calm and everything will be okay. For me, I just want to do what I feel, I can be stubborn a little bit and I live the way I think it’s comfortable for me. I began to realize that you don’t have to chase people. Who means to stay in your life, they will find you and stay.

Everything just takes time to see it, don’t rush girl.

Big girl don’t cry. I love you ❤

After Valentine. Still strong, Still beautiful, Still chill…